Breakfast with Brother-Sister Act Wild Belle

It’s a rainy morning in Brooklyn and I’ve just sat down to breakfast with Wild Belle, a sibling pair who craft cross-pollinated pop that’s “of the soul and tropical,” as sister/singer Natalie Bergman, 23, would say. She pulls the heartstrings while brother Elliot, 31, plays the keys, the sax, and the kalimba, among other instruments. Together they’re a collage of sounds and places and family and kindness.

They’re too sweet, shaking your hand hello and hugging you goodbye; they compliment our harried waitress on her lipstick. When Natalie has to cough, she excuses herself from the table. And when I mumble something about ordering the beets and eggs, her face lights up — so does her iPhone — and she’s showing me the beets their brother Bennet grew in his Chicago garden, sharing the pictures like a proud auntie. Face all aglow, she asks if I think they’re amazing. What can I say but yes?

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File under bands to watch in 2013: Wild Belle!